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XRAY Management
Another Star is born in the form of CST’s X – Ray Manager Enterprise Edition. There is some very amazing stuff out there, you know?

Especially in medical and industrial environments it is imperative to account for the accumulated radiation exposed on an individual from the scientists to the cleaning staff. The manager of procuring janitorial products for such an environment needs to be aware of the special requirements to clean the XMan2 and XMan2 – E. Unlike the typical janitorial supplies needed for the restrooms and office spaces, the rooms where the XMan2 and XMan2 – E have different requirements. Such large e commerce sites such a CleanItSupply that offers a huge selection of janitorial cleaning supplies, may or may not carry the appropriate products. However their selection is vast and even includes paper products that are biodegradable and made from 100% recycled paper fiber that exceed EPA CPG Guidelines. There are even paper products that are free of inks, dyes and fragrances. This particular site offers all their janitorial products on both a retail and wholesale basis.

Meanwhile, CST has the solution in the form of XMan2.
XMan2 allow for the seamless integration of your Access Control System and any type of controllable X – Ray machine.
CST is proud to announce the immediate availability of the Enterprise edition of XMan2, XMan2-E. The Enterprise edition of XMan2 allows for the seamless integration of any number of existing and new sites connected via a wide area network.
System components:
The XMan2 engine consists of  a highly efficient service running on Windows NT 3.5 and above. XMan2 is scalable, reliable and economical.
User Interface
Remote – Clients
XMan2 remote clients can even add picture comparison capabilities to your already powerful x – ray Management system.

** Update **

X – rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation & they have a wavelength which ranges from .01 to 10 nanometers, corresponding to frequencies in the range 30 peta-hertz to 30 exa-hertz. The energy ranges from 00eV to 100 keV. The variance accounts for the need to do different typs of X – rays. There is X – ray crystallography, Mammography, Medical CT & even Airport security strength X-rays. The wavelengths are shorter than UV rays but longer than Gamma rays. The radiation was discovered by Wilhelm Rontgen who gave it the name X – ray signifying that it was an unknown radiation. In some countries X – radiation is actually called Rontgen radiation in his honor.

While they are generally considered to be invisible to the naked eye, in some special circumstances X – rays can be visible. A short time after Rontgen’s landmark paper, Brandes, reported seeing a faint blue-gray glow which seemed to originate in the eye itself after dark adaption & placing his eye close to an X – ray tube.

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