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Tech and Tech Hitsory

Advances in the automobile industry are also changing the entire world for the better. There are new technologies coming out every year helping to improve gas mileage, in vehicle that use gas that is. There are actually vehicles that are using absolutely no gas at all & even though they are still far from taking over the entire market, they are becoming much more prominent. A lot of people believe that changing out the entire infrastructure to use an alternative form of fuel would be too much of a burden of the country. I believe that once the right technology comes along, the value will be built right is & not only will our corner of the world make the change but the entire world will likely be drastically changing their infrastructure to keep up.

The only real thing we have to worry about as a people is that the military technology that has been created along the way or in the future does not lead to our demise. There is plenty of opportunity for it to just that. We must be ever vigilant against that possibility if we hope to make it to the bright tomorrow we all hope for.

At this stage in human development technology doubles every 12 months! That is absolutely astonishing. It was not very long ago that it doubled every 36 months but things have changed. Not only that they will, apparently, continue to change at a furious pace. The truth is that technology can’t be developed fast enough. If we wish to prevent a disaster in the future for the planet either at the hands of mankind or as a result of natural events then we must advance technology ever faster. This is not a hypothetical future of doom and gloom. No, it is a realistic future if you take the time to study the past. It is only a matter of time before there is a natural event such as a meteor or the caldera forming beneath Yellowstone. Even though technology itself has unknown dangers I am sure. Fukushima is currently polluting our oceans and the technology to stop it is still in development.

According to archaeologists, the wheel was invented around 4,000 BC. This occurred independently & at around the same time, in several places around the world. The first pictures of the wheel date back to about 3,000 BC but it could have been in use for millennia before these pictures were created. The general consensus is that the creation occurred right around 4,000 BC. This invention revolutionized many activities such as pottery, transportation, and war but it was the use of the wheel as a transformer of energy through tools such as water wheels, wind mills and tread mills which really changed the game.