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Technology is a wonderful thing. There is new technology coming out everyday. Computers are getting smaller & faster. Then the new faster computers help to build smaller faster computers than they are. It is exponential. The rate we are advancing now is staggering. technology doubles every 18 months. That means that every 18 months we improve on existing technology as much as much as they did for the entire time mankind has been walking the face of the earth. That is amazing, it does not matter how you look at it. We are on the brink of some very serious breakthroughs in many fields. I am sure that soon we sill be traveling through space, setting up colonies across the universe. For now we have a lot of very serious breakthroughs on the immediate horizon.

The field of medicine is just beginning to be able comprehend a lot of things about the body. They are working on anti aging, life extending medicines along with cures for everything from the common cold to the AIDS virus which has been devastating the planet for decades. They are making new medicines & they are changing the molecular structure of current medicines to be absorbed & used by the body much more efficiently. These things are all being ushered along at an alarming rate with some of the new advanced medical equipment which allows doctors locate medical problems earlier & treat them more effectively. They are actually growing replacement parts in test tubes now. This alone is like breathing new life into some patients who only a few short years ago would have had no reason at all to be hopeful.

But lets take a step back for a moment and look at an industry we might think of as not so high tech: the cedar furniture industry. It’s accurate to say that the logging of white cedar for both indoor and outdoor furniture has been around for ages. Even before there was a cedar log furniture industry, people were make rustic log furniture for their cabins. Obviously the technology that drives the manufacturing of the white cedar log furniture has made advances. Perhaps they aren’t as futuristic or as exciting as advances in the automobile industry, the electronics industry, or even medicine, but the varied processes that occur in the making of log furniture are not as simple as many people think. The best manufacturers make cedar log furniture that do not have market driven quality compromises, instead opting for quality over quantity. Technology advances in all fields and market places are occurring constantly. It’s good to remember it’s just not the glamorous fields of medicine, electronics, etc in which they are happening.

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