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SQL Interface
The CST Digital Communication CSTSiSQL Middleware application allow Computer Users, Software Technicians, Software Engineers and Application Developers to access the proprietary data in the Siport-EXOS or Babylon Security systems.
CSTSiSQL essentially consist of a program running as a service with an optional  Graphic User Interface used for diagnostic purposes Рplease see fig 1. below for more details.

One of the conveniences is that CSTSiSQL ships complete with a ready to run SQL server script for the creation of the required database table structures within SQL Server. This feature is standard to us. And should be a standard within the industry. Life should be so easy. I was in the process of reading the formidable list of rules and regulations that will determine if my sister is eligible for disability insurance offered by the Social Security service. Until I started working with an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer, I was a mess – could not make sense of some of the requirements, and it appeared as if acceptance into the program was a random decision. I thought it should be easy for any citizen to understand the rules, but my first application was rejected. But with experience and knowledge, our ssd lawyer was able to seek a reconsideration hearing and by providing what the system needed, we were accepted into the program and my sister is receiving much needed financial assistance. Sorry for the aside, but compared to dealing with the Social Security system, the CST Digital Communication CSTSiSQL Middleware application makes choosing an interface really easy.

Sure there are many different interfaces to choose from, just like there are so many moving companies. But there are many reasons why users would choose SQL Interface over others. The diagnostic features make SQL desirable to many different users. Whether you are a Software Technician, an Engineer, a Developer or a Computer user you will receive access to the data within one of the follow security systems- Babylon Security systems or Siport-EXOS.

There are numerous advantages.

For more information you can follow this link… X-Ray Management

CST Siport SQL Version 3.0 release (Aug 29, 2000)

CST SiSQL Version 3.0 Middleware now also support bi-directional transactions enabling end users, technicians, system integrators and engineers to seamlessly integrate 3rd Party products like access control, Time and Attendance and Personnel Management systems with Si-port or Babylon.

For more information follow this link… SQL Interface

Smart Card Development (July, 2000)
We at CST are of the opinion that Smart Cards will become more and more part of our every day living. We also find it particularly fascinating to consider all the possible applications that have not even been explored to date. CST therefore decided to invest in the research and development of Smart Card applications and acquired both the tools and skills to enable us to develop for Smart Cards.

If you have any questions or applications that require Research and Development please e-mail. [email protected]

Please forward all additional queries to: [email protected]

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