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Event Log

CST Digital Communication’s SMS-Eventlog is the solution for notification of local and remote System Events. SMS-Eventlog allow System Administrators, Software Technicians, Computer Users, and Software Engineers to forward Windows NT events from the system, security and/or application logs via the GSM network to a Mobile phone.

SMS stands for Systems Management Server. The Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager enables users to work anywhere, on whatever device they choose. The Systems Management Server provides a set of tools for both administrators and users of a site. The administrative tools allows the management of the system including performing administrative tasks such as distributing software and viewing inventory. The client programs of a SMS let users perform the Systems Management Server tasks that an administrator requests of them. For example, they can install software and provide customized inventory information. As the owner of a e-commerce company that sells sterling silver rings and other jewelry your IT experts could access the list of all computers of your employees and view each individual computer. It there were issues with keeping track of all the different sterling silver jewelry products they can be easily discovered. If new product pages of sterling silver rings need to be added to the site, no problem. Your IT folks can directly connect to a computer in the inventory, providing direct support to the computer by using the remote troubleshooting utilities. In today’s age where many employees work at home, back house changes are made at the primary sterling silver jewelry business site, can then be applied to their e-commerce site and any employees’ sub-sites. Remote troubleshooting utilities let you monitor and control your employees remotely. In addition SMS-Eventlog Alerts let your IT to define actions to be taken when specific conditions are detected that might compromise any proprietary information that is stored on the computers. These advantages of our CST Digital Communication’s SMS-Eventlog is compatible with most businesses.

SMS-Eventlog essentially consist of a Software Program running as a Windows NT service and a Cellular Device (hardware) capable of sending SMS messages over the GSM network. SMS-Eventlog ships complete with a well designed Configuration Utility making it as easy as 1-2-3 to install, setup and run.

You use the SMS Status System tool to assess the health of your SMS system. You can view continual site checkups that keep you aware of:
1. the functional status of your site or subsites
2. be notified of problems before they become critical
3. discover the source of problems that do occur

The SMS status system is configured to provide you with the important data you require to troubleshoot your SMS sites.

Event logs can be incredibly helpful to some and incredibly meaningless to others. For your home computer most people do not need an even log. Your home system is for your private matters and generally one person or a family will use the same computer. If you are trying to monitor the other members uses of the machine, contacting a company that can help you by supplying, and creating a program just for your system.

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