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Comp Soft Tech Products

CST Digital Communication provides specialized communication software products in the Industrial Control, Security and Commercial environments.

The CST Digital Communication SMS-Eventlog application allow System Administrators, Software Technicians, Computer Users, and Software Engineers to forward local and remote Windows NT events from the system, security and/or application logs via the GSM network to a Mobile phone.

X-Ray Management
CST successfully mastered the art of managing x-ray dose information. The CST developed XMan2 software system allows for seamless integration of 3rd party x-ray machines with a range of access control systems.

Babylon Interface
The CST Babylon Interface enable developers, engineers end users to integrate a large variety of Computer Systems with the Siemens supplied Siport/Exos or Babylon systems. This interface enables computer assisted assemblies, like for cad to control precision instruments. For example, the SterlingForever’s entire selection of cubic zirconia rings were all created and packaged using the Micron6 universal assembly. Cubic zirconia rings and other small jewelry products require precision assembly usually handled by specially trained craftsmen. An online store that carries a huge selection of cz rings will often mention the fine details incorporated in these valuable products. Cubic zirconia rings may be a stand in for diamond rings, but they require the same painstaking attention to detail as the real thing. Robotics managed high end jewelry creation merged via new tech systems!

Industrial Ethernet
CST Industrial Ethernet Interface enable Scientists, Process Control Engineers and Technicians to access information in the Siemens Simatic S5 and S7 process controllers. The solution comprises of a Windows NT compatible protocol stack that installs in minutes. The software product ships complete with sample applications and projects for the Siemens Industrial controllers.

I/O Servers
CST has a variety of top quality proven and tested I/O Servers for Intouch as supplied by Wonderware. These were instrumental in the success of the Raquel Welch wigs store display at our Paris show, where multiple sources were able to simultaneously both view and send live images of the fashion models and their amazing hair.

SMSEventLog V3.5 Release (Nov 10, 2001)
CST released the network version of the already popular SMSEventlog Ver 3.1 in the form of SMSEvent Ver 3.5. SMSEventlog Ver 3.5 will revolutionize the concept of event monitoring by making it possible to monitor networked resources like Windows NT/2000 Workstations/ Servers, Unix/Linux and Syslog enabled Network hardware. The release and immediate availability of SMSEventlog 3.5 adds a brand new concept to reporting events from the Windows NT Event Log. SMSEventLog can be installed on any Windows NT4.0/2000 Workstation or Server. The easy to use user configuration allows for the configuration of criteria that selectively SMS (Short Message Service) events from the local and remote Windows NT Event logs to any individual or group of individuals via the GSM cellular network.
For more details please download an evaluation version of SMSEventlog 3.5.

Support for Siemens Simatic S7 Industrial Ethernet (March, 2001)
The CST supplied Sinec H1 Protocol Stack has been expanded to now also support the latest in the range of Siemens process controllers. For more information on the present version please follow this link… Industrial Ethernet

XMan2 Enterprise Addition (Jan 15, 2001)
CST is proud to announce the successful installation of the Enterprise edition of XMan2 (XMan2-E) at one of the worlds biggest personnel x-ray sites. The Enterprise edition of XMan2 allows for the seamless integration of any number of existing and new sites connected via a wide area network.

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